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Who is McMahon Exterminating?

McMahon Exterminating, Inc has been providing safe and effective pest management strategies for our customers for 51 years now. Jack McMahon started it all in 1971. His son Charlie McMahon joined the team in 1981 and Charlie's son Luke joined the team in 2018. Making McMahon Exterminating, Inc a third-generation family business. Additionally, McMahon Exterminating, Inc has 3 other father and son teams along with a husband and wife and their nephew. Making McMahon Exterminating, Inc truly a Family Business. McMahon Exterminating, Inc a full-service pest management team serving residential, commercial, and industrial accounts. McMahon Exterminating’s slogan is Who Can Help with All Your Pest Control Needs? McMahon Can!! They sure CAN and have for 51 years.

What to expect:

  1. McMahon Exterminating will be emailing invoices to your home or business. If you prefer US Postal Mail they are happy to offer that option as well. There is a $3 charge for US Postal Mail.
  2. Please have your accounts payable department change the billing address for all services rendered beginning July 1 st , 2022 and every month thereafter:

    McMahon Exterminating
    1605 Theatre Dr
    Evansville, IN 47715

I am pleased that my valued customers will be taken care of, knowing that the same level of service that you have come to expect will NOT change. I’m also excited to announce that Luke McMahon himself will be servicing your homes and businesses. Charlie, Luke, and I have been planning this for some time and I am confident that the McMahon Family will be a great fit. Luke will be riding along with me on all accounts beginning this month and continue into June. I will also be checking in on you after the merger takes place doing quality assurance inspections and visits to make certain everything is going well.

McMahon Exterminating will require you to sign a new service agreement. Please note that there will be NO PRICE INCREASE with the signed agreement. I will be bringing that paperwork along with me as I service your accounts. McMahon Exterminating will provide anyone requiring it a COI along with W9’s upon request.

Kenny Perry - TPE